Video transcript: Young trainees eye careers in booming community sector

Tamara Eldridge - Trainee, Community Traineeship Program

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I had to look after myself through my teenage years, so it was really hard to begin with staying in education, and I was looking after my little brother at the same time, so it has been pretty hard trying to find a job.

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You had to be qualified and you had to have experience in the workforce.

Robbie Hendry - Team Leader, Community Traineeship Program, TaskForce Community Agency

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So it’s the Community Traineeship Pilot Program, and it’s looking at traineeships in a new way and trying to, with the expanding community services workforce, looking at putting traineeships in those services.

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I suppose it’s all about engagement.

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One of the biggest things we’re finding is that there’s jobs available and there’s unemployed youth, and yet it’s kind of hard to make that connection.

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So this program makes that bridge I suppose and connects these young people while supporting them.

Papa Bismyf - Trainee, Community Traineeship Program

I’m looking forward to just like studying the traineeship and just, you know, saving money and looking after myself and just spending my everyday life in here.

Martin Pakula - Minister for Jobs, Innovation & Trade

This pilot is another very, very important step forward.

It’s about ensuring that all Victorians have the chance to work, the chance to contribute to the community, the chance to enjoy all of the benefits that come with employment.

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The sense of purpose and meaning and identity and belonging that comes from having a job is every bit as important as the pay cheque.

Emma King - Chief Executive Officer, VCOSS

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I want to talk about the importance of this being about the power of partnerships, the partnership with the Victorian Government, the partnerships at our local partner organisations, and the group effort that I think really brings this together and makes it possible.

And of course none of it would be possible without the drive of the trainees who are here today, so we’re so thrilled that you are able to be here and to share this moment with us.

[Vision:  Trainees chatting - Tamara speaking]

I really want to be a youth worker.

[Vision: Tamara’s youth worker chatting with her]

I did have a youth worker as well.

[Vision: Tamara speaking]

She helped me out through everything, just life experiences and life challenges and everything like that, so she’s the one who actually made me want to become a youth worker.

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