Video transcript: Careers growing at Yarra View Nursery

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[Vision: Views over Yarra View Nursery showing car entering through gate - Bonsai seedlings]

Kristian Dauncey - Chief Executive Officer, Knoxbrooke Employment Service

Yarra View Nursery is a 12-acre nursery based in Mount Evelyn just in the outer reaches of Melbourne and it’s a beautiful setting.

At our nursery we employ 110 people, 85 of whom have a disability.

[Vision: Staff working with plants taking cuttings and checking stock]

Michael Ross - Employee, Yarra View Nursery

I go out and pick plants from out in the field, prepare them and clean them up.

It’s really fun working with all the colleagues and friends and working with plants.

[Vision: Michael working with plants]

And, it makes me feel really happy to come to work every day and doing what I do.

I enjoy it.

[Vision: Close-up view of various plants in the nursery - Kristian speaking - staff working with seedlings]

For us it’s just critical that we provide steady, regular, ongoing employment to assist people to build on their skills, to learn a whole variety of skills in running a nursery, and give those individuals an opportunity to move into general employment to work at other nurseries.

[Vision: Staff member measuring and planting cuttings]

People with disabilities are at often times in the community are underrated as terrific employees and people who really value work.

[Vision: Staff member cleaning pot - pots being placed on shelf]

Dani Read - Employee, Yarra View Nursery

Potting, choosing, cutting back, heaps of things, I just like doing it.

It makes me feel happy seeing all my friends and the staff.

[Vision: Close-up of cactus plant being planted]

The staff are friendly.

I’ve made heaps of friends, and I got a boyfriend out of it, yeah.

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