Video transcript: White Night rides into Bendigo

This video presents visual images of the White Night event in Bendigo.

The following provides a visual description of the video:

  1. White Night sign
  2. Lights and large moving winged sculpture
  3. People viewing light display
  4. Building in lights - CARMEN
  5. People taking photos of buildings
  6. Light display on buildings
  7. Buildings lit up with light display
  8. People enjoying the display
  9. Musicians performing
  10. Girl dancing
  11. Children enjoying the night lights
  12. Light displays
  13. Lanterns alight
  14. Light sculptures being enjoyed by people
  15. People feeling light sculptures
  16. Movies displayed on building
  17. Children playing with light windmill toy
  18. People dancing
  19. DJ playing music
  20. Building displayed with lights
  21. Movie playing on building
  22. Building in lights
  23. Light displays on buildings
  24. People in lights walking on building
  25. Light display with words
  26. Children in lights on building
  27. Light sculptures
  28. Large moving winged sculpture
  29. Tram in lights and dancers
  30. People dancing in street
  31. Musicians playing
  32. Large moving winged sculpture

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