Video transcript: Victoria sets the Global Table

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

Victoria sets the Global Table

[Vision: Global Table - The future of food starts here sign - views and time lapse photography of people moving around the trade show and talking with exhibitors]

Radek Sali - Chairman, Food and Wine Victoria

Global Table is Australia’s largest agribusiness event.

[Vision: People chatting about various products with exhibitors]

We’ve attracted over 2,700 people.

Twenty five different countries are represented.

[Vision: Exhibitors display stands showing products]

There are people here presenting their products on this trade floor here.

[Vision: Speaker presenting - people chatting to various people - world globe]

There is over 200 speakers from around the globe speaking on various issues, from sustainability, climate.

[Vision: Display of technology in action]

And then there’s a whole lot of people that are coming here to partner with tech innovation and deliver better agriculture methods.

Jaclyn Symes - Minister for Agriculture

[Vision: Close up of various stands and products - Jaclyn Symes speaking with people]

Everyone’s really excited to be here.

I’ve met with some local producers, and they’re already buzzing about the opportunities that have been presented to them.

[Vision: Various people at trade show discussing products with exhibitors]

They’re filling their network books with opportunities to follow up to ensure that their businesses can thrive both here in Australia and beyond.

Luke Marget & Phil Roberts - Made Group

[Vision: A walk through of the trade show showing people and various exhibitions]

Certainly from our perspective, you know, having participated in programs like this before with the Vic Government, it’s introduced us to customers in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore where we’re now distributing to.

[Vision: Luke Marget talking with people - Phil Roberts speaking with people - Luke Marget speaking]

And what resonated really well was the fact where our products incorporate the dairy from Gippsland, so we tell that story right back to where we source the milk from from the farms.

[Vision: Made Group products on display]

I think that’s something that’s resonated well.

[Vision: Luke Marget speaking]

To be able to have so many people in the under one roof in a short space of time, you know, we’re based in Melbourne, from our perspective it’s great.

[Vision: Made Group products on display - Luke Marget speaking]

And even to be able to invite them into our factory and to be able to show them it’s invaluable what these sorts of things do.

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