Video transcript: The Real Madrid experience comes to Melbourne

[Vision:  Football supporters chanting - people viewing exhibition - Madrid team holding trophy - exhibition of trophies - people viewing exhibition]

Thea Jeanes-Cochrane - Producer - Real Madrid World of Football Experience

This is the Real Madrid World of Football Experience and Exhibition.

And this is the world premier and, you know, we’re very excited and the Football Club of Real Madrid are very excited to be opening it here in Melbourne.

[Vision:  People viewing exhibition - people interacting with displays - wall of trophies]

It’s a very interactive experience for people of all ages, so kids, families as well as football fans.

[Vision:  People taking photos of exhibition - interactive display of footballers - children kicking football]

We’ve got football skills, an interactive zone where you can test your skills against the team.

[Vision:  Fuzbol table - children playing - people viewing displays and taking photos]

We’ve got a 20 person Fuzbol table which is a lot of fun for families to get involved with.

[Vision:  Football stadium]

Alvaro Arbeloa - Real Madrid Ambassador

The best thing that I have done in my life is playing for Real Madrid.

[Vision:  Alvaro viewing exhibition]

It was a dream come true so I am really proud to be a part of Real Madrid history.

[Vision:  Alvaro holding trophy - close-up of trophy - Alvaro posing with trophy]

I think we are the best team in the world.

We won 13 Champions League, and I think that makes us special.

[Vision:  Alvaro watching football game on large screen]

I was here three years ago with all my teammates.

[Vision:  Alvaro posing for photographs and viewing displays - Alvaro speaking]

All the fans gave us a lot of love, so we are really happy to be here again.

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