Video transcript: The magic of Disney comes alive at ACMI

[Vision: Scene from Fantasia showing Mickey Mouse on mountain, Bambi, Thumper and rabbits in forest]

Georgina Jerums

A touch of Disney magic has arrived at Federation Square.

[Vision: View of drawing of Bambi and Steamboat Willy playing on screen. Snow White running through forest]

Over 500 artworks direct from the Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles are now showing at ACMI.

Kristen McCormick - Art Exhibitions and Conservation Manager, Walt Disney Animation Research Library

This exhibition really covers from the beginning of the Walt Disney animation studios all the way to the Raya and the Last Dragon, our most recent release.

[Vision: View of Frozen, Pinocchio and Raya and the Last Dragon exhibitions. Scenes from The Little Mermaid and Ariel showing the drawing. Children watching Dumbo on screen]

There’s something quite magical about Disney films where they really just touch you in your heart like nothing else can.

[Vision: Showcases showing models of scenes from Moana and the Lion King with children observing display. Scenes from Mulan and Sleeping Beauty]

And what I love about this exhibition too is that if your favourite film you can come and see something you’ve never seen about the film and you have that new reconnection to that emotion.

[Vision: Photographs of Frozen, Zootopia, Bambi. Screen showing Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians display]

There are so many characters and so many films featured in this exhibition.

There’s Bambi, Pinocchio, and then we have Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians and some really cute experiences in 101 Dalmatians that you have to come down and see for yourself.

[Vision: Wall of animations on display]

Demi - 11 years old

I like the animations and all the drawings on the wall, they’re pretty cool.

Ernest - 12 years old

I like to see how it’s actually made and the time and effort that is put into it.

Kristen McCormick - Art Exhibitions and Conservation Manager, Walt Disney Animation Research Library

It’s a beautiful look at behind the scenes of our studios.

[Vision: Animated drawings from Jungle Book from sketch to colour. Children looking at displays]

You get to see artwork that was only created in the development process, never meant to be exhibited, and yet here we are in a world-class museum able to see them and share them with everyone.

[Vision: Children looking at screens showing drawing to colour animation from Frozen. Wall of sketches from 101 Dalmatians and model of cars used in the film]

Georgina Jerums

An Australian exclusive, this exhibition geared for the whole family is a really fun crash course in animation.

[Vision: Desk showing pencils and sketches. Scenes from Frozen and sketches Anna and Elsa]

Don’t miss out on seeing how some of the most famous movies of the past century are brought to life using pencil and paper and digital wizardry.

[Melbourne Winter Masterpieces - ACMI - Disney 13 May - 17 Oct Exhibition]

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