Take the plunge and become a swim instructor video transcript

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Madison Evans – Swimming Teacher at Leisure Link (City of Greater Geelong)

I’m Madison Evans, and I work at Leisurelink.

It's really rewarding to see how the children improve and look back and think that you taught them those things.

Being on the Surf Coast, it's a regional area with lots of water around, so it's definitely important that children understand water safety and things that they can do in drowning situations.

I love that there are a lot of different opportunities within the role you can extend, and you can learn so much more. And even if I don't want to pursue those opportunities, I know that they’re there, so that's really good.

There's different opportunities in the aquatic facility like lifeguards and gym instructors and swimming teachers, and it's flexible. So, I come from uni and I get here and I know that the kids are going to be waiting for me and it's very rewarding and fulfilling to be able to teach them their lessons.

I'm studying osteo, so it's, I can go there in the mornings, and I can come and do an evening shift. It's also good to have the weekends and they’re in the mornings. So, I still have, I finish by midday. I can still do things I want in the afternoon.

When I was training, my shadowing hours were really helpful in learning different techniques and the management are really helpful in providing lots of professional development.

Also, you learn a lot from other swim teachers, like if you ask a question, everyone's happy to help and you hop in if you get the chance with another teacher, you can learn a lot from them too.

Free training is a huge benefit because it reduces the barriers and also the uncertainty of trying something new. If it's if it's paid for, then you're much more likely to give it a go.

I think you've got nothing to lose. It works around your schedule and it's rewarding and enjoyable and I think they should give it a go. I really enjoy it.

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