Video transcript: Student RoboCup training the next generation of innovators

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

Junior RoboCup 2019

[Vision: Students at RoboCup using technology]

Kathy Coultas - Director, Strategic Technology Partnerships

Today’s event is RoboCup.

This is a national competition actually started in Victoria.

It’s really about kids coming together using technology, specifically robotics, to solve a whole lot of problems.

[Vision: Students using robots and being interviewed - girls dancing - students playing soccer]

So today you can see a whole lot of girls which is exciting, and they’re doing dance moves.

We’ve got kids playing soccer.

[Vision: Student explaining how the rescue robot works - Kathy Coultas speaking]

There’s kids doing rescues.

So it’s really about skill development and teaching kids that they can innovate with technology and solve problems.

[Vision: Student building a robot - rescue course in action]

Taliesin Lowe - Student

In the rescue course we follow a line to the end tile which is representing like a chemical spill in somewhere that like a person or a firefighter wouldn’t be able to get to.

[Vision: View of can representing valuable that needs rescuing by the robot – student with her fingers crossed]

The robot then enters that green spill to capture a can representing something valuable that needs to be rescued from the chemical spill.

[Vision: Robots programmed to play soccer autonomously]

Leo Louis - Student

We’ve got a bunch of soccer competitions right now, and we’ve designed and built a robot that’s designed to follow a ball and get it in the goal autonomously, so you don’t have to use a remote control.

[Vision: People looking at robotics in action - girls dancing]

Ruby Lockman - Student

Having this event it means that students get a chance to go outside their school and compete against other schools.

[Vision: Students being interviewed and explaining about their robots - close-up of robot dressed as a doll]

You know, it means that we can develop friendships and we can also learn lots of different things like how to program robots.

[Vision: View of robots playing soccer and students looking on]

Evan Bailey - RCJA Treasurer & Secretary, RCJV State Chair

What the students are learning is highly applicable throughout their future studies and also in the real-world workforce, even basic coding and engineering skills are great in almost any profession.

[Vision: Close-up of robot being controlled by mobile phone - student using computer - student with robot - overhead view of rescue robot courses - Kathy Coultas speaking]

We know that kids are great consumers of tech.

And today’s about saying 'hey, try and create your own tech to solve your problems'.

[Vision: Leo Louis speaking - student explaining rescue course and dancing]

You know, if you can do this in Year 9 or 10 or whatever, imagine what you can do in the future.

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