Video transcript: Street artist Kaff-eine creates art for heart's sake in Melbourne's CBD

[Vision: Various shots of artwork along the laneways. Artist painting a piece.]

Kaff-eine, Artist.

I think I was in Wodonga doing a wall, and then literally at the end of that week, I remember being at a festival going, "Why are they cancelling?"  All of a sudden, "what's wrong with my work?"  And I got this working class panic of "Where are you gonna get money from?." And I still didn't have words for it, like, what do you do?

[Vision: Artist painting a piece. Artist talking to camera.]

I'm Kaff-eine, I'm a Melbourne based street artist, and the wall you see behind me is the first wall that I've painted since lockdown began way back in March. I'd found a niche working with communities in recovery and helping them express whatever stories they want to tell.

You go to the Northern Territory, or you go to Switzerland, or Mexico, or the States, or the Philippines where I've been working for years, we were unable to do it because of lockdown.

Ben Luzz, Owner, Gin Palace

It was really tough. And it was tough to see businesses that you've spent, you know seven days a week,you know 16 hour days, just sort of all of a sudden have to shut the doors and for no fault of our own. It was a bit hard to take.

[Vision: Selection of street art. 3 piece band performing.]


I'm pretty sure it was social media talking about a project that was around 40 laneways, and it wasn't just art, it was art with creativity, music, performance.

Text overlay: Working for Victoria funded the City of Melbourne to recruit 150 creatives to revitalise Melbourne's iconic CBD laneways.


These places that are iconic Melbourne, people know these laneways and what we're about.


I live here, I rarely work here, but I choose to come back here, to see my city and my state go, "The arts are important."

They're important to the actual artists but also they're important to the city.

I never expected Melbourne to be a city that was disconnected and traumatised, and how I see it in need of artwork to bring people together.

(Upbeat music)

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