Video transcript - Gargarro Botanic Garden

[Title: Gargarro Botanic Garden]

Girgarre: ‘Small Town, Big Spirit’ in the heart of the Goulburn Valley.

[Vision: Aerial map of Girgarre town - close up vision of the parcel of land gifted to the community]

Located on Winter Road, a parcel of land was gifted to the community.

[Vision: View of early stages of development of gardens and artist impression of developed site]

Initial projects and planting have seen the Botanic Garden come to life.

Gargarro - discovering the diversity of Australian plants through your senses.

[Vision: Artist impression of garden showing locations of the various areas of See, Touch, Smell, Listen and Taste]

‘See’ - display Garden - visually spectacular.

‘Touch’ - textual, soft and spiky.

‘Smell’ - the scents of Australia.

‘Listen’ - to the wind and birds.

‘Taste’ - the fruits of the bush.

[Vision: Artist impression of entrance gateway and path.

Welcoming gateway, acknowledgement of country, and formal entrance.

[Vision: Plan of Stage 1 and the various plantings in the gardens throughout the Botanic Garden with artist impression of the different areas]

Stage 1 - The See Garden and Ephemeral Waterway.

The Little Pretties Garden.

The Cloud Garden.

The Sunrise Yellow and Hot Pink Gardens.

The Silver Garden & Garden of falling Snow.

The Vibrant Display Garden.

[Vision: Artist impression of the Ephemeral Stream and the community Hub]

The Ephemeral Stream.

The Community Hub, Nursery & Café.

[Vision: Artist impression of the Sound Shell and Amphitheatre at night with fireworks]

The Sound Shell & Amphitheatre.

Gargarro Botanic Garden.

T.C.L with Paul Thompson - Design Flow - Brandrick made possible with contributions by: Girgarre Development Group, Friends of Gargarro, Nancye Smith, Trudy gunning & Lisa Smith, Jenny Bassett - Victoria State Government.

Gargarro Botanic Garden.

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