Video transcript: Brewing up a storm in East Gippsland

Brewing up a storm in East Gippsland

[Vision: Aerial view of Cape Conran Beach. Snowy River Country sign at Orbost. Sailors Grave Brewing building with Gabrielle and Chris Moore standing in front of it]

Gabrielle Moore

We set up Sailors Grave nearly four years ago.

[Vision: View of Cape Conran Beach coastline. Photographs of the water, artwork on the Sailors Grave Brewing building]

Chris Moore

Sailors Grave itself comes from the name of the beach down at Cape Conran, there’s a lot of shipwrecks there.

[Vision: Artwork inside Sailors Grave Brewing]

Gabrielle Moore

We see what we do with beer as storytelling.

We’re telling the story of our region and we’re telling the story of the people here, and you know, that story is going straight into someone’s home.

[Vision: Chris working in the brewery]

Chris Moore

Collaboration is definitely our lifeblood, it always has been.

You have to be connected to where you live and with your network and people who support each other because it makes you stronger to get through those sort of things.

[Vision: Photographs of the smoke at the brewery site and farm, and the burnt bush near Cape Conran]

Chris Moore

The fires came very close to Orbost here and also to the farm.

You know when that happened that was really scary to be honest, and it really highlighted for us how fragile everything was, our home, our business, yeah, the community we live in.

[Vision: Close-up of kegs in brewery and the river]

[Text: In 2021, Sailors Grave Brewing received $2.35 million through the Local Economic Recovery program to help turn the business into a tourism destination]

[Vision: Close-up of Lemon Meringue Cream Sour cans. Chris working in the brewery boxing cans]

Chris Moore

The recent funding that we received will hopefully be a big game-changer for what we can achieve for our business but for the region really.

We’ve got a really big plan for the farm brewery, a destination hospitality venue, and we can be an attraction.

Gabrielle Moore

And that’s what we want, we want to do that for our region.

[Vision: Gabrielle working on the farm. Aerial view of the coastline and sand dunes showing people walking the dunes and experiencing the scenery of the river and beyond. Aerial view of the coastline]

Chris Moore

There’s heaps of people doing innovative entrepreneurial things and there’s amazing wilderness and forest out here.

There’s a lot to discover and unless you tell the story they’re not going to know and they’re not going to realise how rich this area is.

Hopefully it’s going to be fantastic.

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