Video transcript: VIP showcases Victorian designers at Fashion Festival (VAMFF)

VIP showcases Victorian designers at Fashion Festival (VAMFF)

[Vision: Fashion parade]
[Vision: Local designers are taking Victorian fashion to the world thanks to the Victoria Invitation Program – Victoria’s flagship inbound trade mission]
[Vision: Fashion model displaying Australian designs]

Katie Pratt – Director, ELLIATT
We design very feminine floaty pieces, mainly occasion dresses.
[Vision: Fashion models displaying designs]
[Trade Victoria’s VIP is a platform for global partners to experience what local designers have to offer][Vision: Audience watching fashion show – fashion models displaying designs]

Shayne Mele – Merchandise Manager,
Australian brands are designed in other markets and there’s certainly some great local talent.
[Vision: Shayne speaking]
It’s double digit growth forecast for the next five years in the China apparel retail industry versus Australia where we’re, you know, sort of low single digits.

[Vision: Fashion models displaying designs]
[Vision: Katie speaking]
Having retail stores and distribution alone doesn’t really reach the whole market.
[Vision:  Audience filming fashion parade – Shayne speaking]
The cost of doing business globally with e-Commerce is a lot less than bricks and mortar retail.

[Vision: Fashion model in parade – Katie speaking]
We’re really creative in Australia, especially here in Melbourne.
[Vision: Fashion models displaying fashion designs – audience applauding fashion parade]
Wherever we go and whenever we open a new market we just have everyone saying we love Australian fashion, we love Australian designers.

[VICTORIA State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]