Reservoir breathes new life video transcript

Reservoir happens to be the second largest suburb of all of Greater Melbourne and it’s culturally diverse, and it has a different dynamic feel about it depending on where you reside in the municipality.

Lina Messina - Mayor, City of Darebin

Vision: View of sidewalk art and shopfronts

Text: The Suburban Revitalisation Program: Providing nearly $2.5 million of support to help Reservoir thrive

Vision: Close-up view of traffic lights showing pedestrian and cyclist lights. View of cyclist using the bike path, cyclist signage and close-up view of the bike path. View of traffic lights and crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists] View of street sign for cyclists and pedestrians, close-up of cyclist crossing road at lights.

The Parkiteer Project will deliver more on-road bike lanes and kerbside installations along Edward Street and Broadway.

Not only does it provide greater safety connection to the community, but also gives you a different lens.

Vision: Close-up view of sidewalk art, pedestrians crossing road at lights.

Greening Reservoir Project is about increasing the tree-scapes, the understorey planting.

Vision: View of large tree and parking, shopfronts and traffic. Close-up of seating and landscaping.

It’s quite large Reservoir in itself, and there is a lot of areas where we need to address and increase the tree canopy to ensure that we keep our temperatures cooler in the area.

But it’s also about increasing and encouraging the public space connectivity, and ensuring that’s it’s vibrant and alive.

Vision: View of outside seating and tables for café. View of tree-lined street and shopfronts, pedestrian running.

Salem Temssah - Owner, ‘The Game Experts’

It’s a very diverse community.

Vision: Close-up view of landscaping and railway station

It’s a really awesome vibe, we have some of the best cafés in Reservoir, very close to the city as well and, yeah, it’s very accessible to all of our customers.

Vision: View of games in ‘The Game Expert’ store and Salem working. View of game playing. View of The Game Experts signage and façade of store.

So we had our lightbox done for our business and the façade as well, and it just makes the store much more easier to see.

So, like, the lightbox lights up at night and makes it, you know, much easier for people to notice us.

Vision: View of signage outside the store.

And the façade is much nicer than it was as well.

All of these revitalisation efforts just makes the whole suburb nicer, neater, cleaner, and yeah, it just makes everything else in the suburb stand out, including our business.

Vision: View of Salem in the store and games.

It makes everything, you know, pop I reckon.

Vision: View of tree-lined street, shopfronts and parking.

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Text: The Reservoir Revitalisation Board is a partnership between: The Victorian Government, City of Darebin, local community organisations and representatives. Supporting local economic and social outcomes.

Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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