Off-grid housing project promotes sustainable living

Ecoliv’s 7-star, carbon neutral display home.

A new sustainable, off-grid living project in Bass Coast is aiming to change homeowners’ perceptions about new builds, while creating local jobs.

Ashley BeaumontEco-friendly building company Ecoliv is creating an off-grid project at its site in The Gurdies, thanks to support from the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

For the company’s founder, Ashley Beaumont, creating sustainable living and working spaces is a passion that runs deep.

“Homeownership has long been the great Australian dream. But in the face of climate change, we must find more sustainable ways to bring our dream homes to life,” Ashley said.

“It’s time for truly sustainable building design that supports the comfort and wellbeing of occupants, delivers long-term energy efficiency, and protects the natural environment for future generations.”

The $1.58 million project will include a construction facility, carbon neutral display homes and offices, all powered by a 10-kilowatt off-grid solar power plant.A living room

The display home will enable people to view water, energy and waste reduction systems in action, while showcasing the new technologies for a sustainable approach to living.

The project will deliver 14 new jobs to the community, and Ashley is proud the project is creating local job opportunities, while also educating the community about sustainable living.

Seven-star energy

Since 2008, Ecoliv has been building prefabricated homes onsite and were the first modular builder to introduce a 7-star energy rating.

“The EcoHub project is about us setting up a sustainable building facility,” Ashley explained.A kitchen

With the cost of living rising, homeowners are being more conscious of their environmental impact and how their homes can be more sustainable.

“I’ve seen too many poorly planned mega-mansions built with little consideration for environmental impacts, energy efficiency, health and wellbeing. It’s time for a change,” Ashley said.

“People are more aware of what their impact can be as well, compared to say 10 years ago, which is fantastic.”

Construction on the EcoHub has begun, with the entire project due to be complete by 2024.

Find out more about the Victorian Government Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.