Noble Park youth celebrate new hub space video transcript

Audio: Music playing.

Vision: View of smoking ceremony and South East Community Links signage. View of photographer taking photo of the ribbon being cut and people watching on and giving the thumbs-up..

Jessie Tang - Youth Support Practitioner, South East Community Links

My name is Jessie and I’m a Youth Support Practitioner at South East Community Links, and I run the Engage Program.

Vision: View of people mingling and playing games together.

Jessie Tang

To be able to come here, have a youth hub where we have a dedicated space for young people to hang out, get the support that they need is so, so important.

Vision: Man greeting youth and shaking hands, “How are you mate? Good to see you.” View of people mingling.

Jessie Tang

Especially opposite the station as well, on the main street, Noble Park, making sure that we’re visible is super important because we want young people and the community to know that we’re here.

Vision: Lady creating henna design on lady’s hand. View of speaker talking to the crowd.

Jessie Tang

I think one of the best parts about my job is just seeing the young people grow and blossom and be confident, mature, and even today just seeing Farzana and Diba doing an amazing job up there, like, it warmed my heart.

Vision: View of Farzana and Diba speaking to the crowd and the crowd listening. View of people dancing the Attan.

Diba Jalal - Youth Leader, South East community Links

My name is Diba and at SECL I’m a Youth Leader. Today was SECL’s launch and it was a great event.

Vision: View of Diba and others watching the dancing and Diba speaking to the crowd.

Diba Jalal

My role was the MC which one of the staff nominated me to speak on behalf of SECL which was great because it’s such an honour.

Vision: View of people dancing.

Diba JalalI

So the cultural dance was Attan, it’s a traditional Afghan dance, it’s beautiful. The whole aim of it is to show that no matter where you come from, what ethnicity you are from, you are all included.

Vision: View of people dancing the Attan in a circle.

Farzana Haidari - Youth Leader, South East community Links

My name is Farzana Haidari and I’m a Youth Leader at SECL. And, I heard about SECL from my sister, and then the first time that I interacted with SECL was through school holiday activities and it was really fun.

Meeting new people, making new friends and trying new activities and experiencing new things encouraged me to keep coming to school holiday activities and to be more, like, active in community.

Vision: View of people enjoying the activities as SECL and playing ball games outside. View of people dancing inside and others relaxing and chatting.

Farzana Haidari

What I like the most is that you can just feel safe and be yourself in this space.

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