Video transcript: Triennial Exhibition @ National Gallery of Victoria

Video transcript: Triennial Exhibition @ National Gallery of Victoria

Martin Foley - Minister for Creative Industries

[Vision:  Sculpture in the Gallery - photos of people posing in front of it]

This NGV Triennial sets new benchmarks for Australia, for the world.

[Vision:  People admiring and discussing art - skull art]

This is a totally submersive contemporary exhibition, brings together all art forms, free, here in the heart of Melbourne, over a hundred artists, over 40 countries of the world's most cutting edge contemporary cultural expression.

Tony Ellwood - Director - National Gallery of Victoria

[Vision:  People discussing artwork]

There are five overarching things that are looking at disparate subjects such as the virtual, time, the body.

[Vision:  Skull artwork]

They're the things that really spoke to us when we actually compiled the works of art themselves, we wanted two really key things.

We wanted cultural diversity and we wanted diversity of artistic materials.

[Vision:  Artwork - painting]

So it ranges from tapestries, to installations, to technology, to drawing, to painting.

Brodie Neill - Designer - Australia

[Vision:  Sculptures  - tables and chairs]

It's a contemporary rendition of an 18th century specimen table.

Traditionally specimen table use precious materials like ivy, jade, quartz.

[Vision:  Table using ocean plastic replacing gems - sculpture]

But in this case we've looked at the international problem of ocean plastic replacing the gems with fragments of ocean plastic.

Lynette Birriran - Weaver - Djambarrpuyungu

[Vision:  Aboriginal weaving artwork]

We are near Darwin but it's noted of animal and that's in Ramingining.

[Vision:  Close-up of weaving]

Collecting pandanus and go out collecting colours, we bash all the colours with stone and put it in the boiler and then we boil it.

It's traditional colours, natural colours.

[Vision:  Mother and child at Gallery]

[VICTORIA State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]