Video transcript:New opportunities on track for people with a disability

[Vision: View of a horse and Abigail riding and handling the horse]

Abigail Vidler - Rider, RDA Knox

So I started with RDA when I was two-years old.

I was put into this program to start off with self-confidence, to build up just core strength and put in a safe place where I can be me.

Andrea Lucas - President, State Organisation RDA Victoria

[Vision: Assistant helping rider with the horse]

In 2021 Riding for the Disabled Victoria celebrates 50 years of providing equine assisted therapies and activities for people with a disability.

RDA Knox was one of 237 projects that were picked for the Pick My Project Funding.

[Vision: Abigail riding the horse in the arena and view of horse and arena itself]

It got a generous and sizeable grant and it’s enabled what was an eight year dream of Kathryn’s to become a reality.

[Vision: Abigail riding horse in arena]

Kathryn Holden - President, RDA Knox

It means that we can relieve our waiting list.

We do have quite a significant wait-list for metropolitan Melbourne.

It can be up to four years.

[Vision: Assistant helping rider into the arena and Abigail riding as well]

We will be able to take on riders from now and relieve those waiting lists, and over time we’ll be able to expand the program.

[Vision: Assistant fitting saddle onto horse. Abigail and other riding riding in the arena]

A lot of our riders, it’s a social benefit, they come out, they’re a part of a program, they’re part of a community.

[Vision: Disabled rider being lowered onto horse and riding in the arena]

Then there’s also a lot of riders that it’s therapeutic, be it whether they’re autistic or whether they’ve got a physical disability there’s benefits in riding that’s provided to them.

[Vision: Abigail and rider in the arena. Abigail riding in the arena. Abigail speaking. Abigail walking horse. Disabled rider enjoying the ride]

Abigail Vidler - Rider, RDA Knox

So I’m aiming for one of the Paralympics in 2024 and 2028 and with pathways leading from RDA this dream has now become a goal.

It’s a great bunch of people that you’re always surrounded with, made me such a confident young person.

Having this little aspect here enables riders from this side of town to experience what I’ve experienced to come out and start their own new memories, start their own new creations, start their own new goals, and it’s that step away from town where they can be just who they want to be.

[Vision: Abigail riding in the arena]

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