Video transcript: New female facilities for the Wheelers Hill sports community

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

[Vision: Girls kicking footballs - outside view of new pavilion - girls throwing football and kicking it to each other]

Madeleine - WPH U16 Girls

We play for the Waverley Park Hawks Under 16 Girls

Charlotte - WPH U16 Girls

I like footy because it’s just a fun way to meet new people and it’s also fun to tackle people.

Paul Shaw - President, Waverley Park Hawks Junior Football Club

The old clubrooms are a bit of a mess, they were 50 years old and we basically really struggled with all the old rooms.

[Vision: Photograph of old clubrooms and boys playing football - outside of new pavilion]

No facilities for girls, the new clubrooms have been a godsend, we’ve now basically got four interchangeable rooms.

[Vision: Inside view of change room - shutters being lowered - unisex amenities sign]

The girls now, they don’t have to queue up and wait for boys to get out or anything like that, so they’ve got their own rooms to come and get changed in.

We’ve gone from about four toilets to 26 toilets, so the facilities and showers, I mean it’s just perfect for the girls.

[Vision: Girls passing football to each other and training]

Madeleine - WPH U16 Girls

Yeah, the facilities are really good, a lot better than they were before but yeah, it’s been great for the club.

Even girls at school are talking about getting down and training.

[Vision: Club members training - Daniel Andrews speaking with Shane McCluskey]

Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria

In so many different ways, this is the heart of our local area.

[Vision: People listening to Daniel Andrews speak]

It’s only right that the facilities match the quality of the commitment of parents and coaches, administrators, volunteers one and all.

And now, for the first time in a long time, you’ve got buildings that match the quality of your commitment to your kids’ wellbeing, and to the strength of this local area.

[Vision: Members training]

It’s a really proud day, a really proud day.

Shane McCluskey - Mayor, Monash City Council

These collaborations of state government, local government and community generally, sporting groups and organisations, is what makes it tick.

This is what makes it happen.

[Vision: People listening to Shane McCluskey speak]

When we can alleviate situations where a nine-year-old girl goes to a urinal to get changed, that’s what we need to do.

That’s the stuff that makes a difference.

That’s the stuff that makes all the effort of all the people worthwhile.

[Vision: Daniel Andrews cutting ribbon to open Columbia Park Pavilion - People applauding]

Caitlin - WPH U16 Girls

We have lots more space and yeah, it just really provides for the team and the whole club.

[Vision: Night game of football being played under lights]

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