Native garden display a crowning glory in Olinda video transcript

Text: Chelsea Australian Garden at Olinda.

Vision: Aerial view of the gardens. View of sculpture in the garden.

Phillip Johnson - Landscape Designer

My main inspiration for this garden was where I’m from here at the Dandenong Ranges.

Vision: Close-up view of Phillip walking along pathway. View of Phillip admiring the garden with a view of the sculpture behind. Views of the different plants in the garden.

Phillip Johnson

I originally was inspired by this beautiful spot and ten years later to bring it back home is so special for our local community.

Vision: View of the water feature in the garden.

Phillip Johnson

There are many sustainable design features to this garden, but most important we are collecting water off surrounding stormwater that sustains this billabong.

Phillip Johnson

We’re off the grid on power so we’re capturing solar energy.

Vision: View of solar panels in the garden.

Phillip Johnson

And, we have so many interesting and rare and endangered plants that creates this wonderful biodiverse landscape.

Vision: Close-up view of plants. View of garden, pathway leading to the sculpture.

Tex Moon - Parks Victoria Ranger

This new garden will be an incredible addition to the visitor experience at the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden. It showcases over 15,000 plants from over 400 species of native flora.

Vision: View of billabong, waterfall and sculpture. View of various plants in the garden and plants in the billabong.

Tex Moon

So the Phil Johnson team worked with Parks Victoria to convert what was part of the old Olinda Golf Course into this incredible display of native plants that will encourage birds, bees and other pollinators, frogs and other aquatic species to this landscape.

Vision: View of the sculpture, waterfall and billabong.

Phillip Johnson

The team working with me on this recreation were the most incredible group of men and women.

Vision: Time lapse photography of the construction of the garden. View of Phillip walking through the garden.

Phillip Johnson

We had over 35 people working in such wet, hard, muddy conditions that made this incredible project happen here for Victorians.

Vision: View of the pathway, pond and garden at Olinda. View of the billabong.

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