Video transcript: Muzzles off for pet greyhounds

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[Vision: Jaclyn Symes removing the muzzle from a greyhound and patting the dog]

Jaclyn Symes - Minister for Agriculture

It’s an important change for all greyhound lovers, and potential greyhound lovers, that from the 1st of January all pet greyhounds will not be required to wear a muzzle in public.

[Vision: Greyhound not wearing a muzzle, being patted and showing how gentle it is]

It’s a great change, it really sends a strong message that these are gentle, great pets.

Bernie Carolan - Chairman, Greyhound Racing Victoria

The removal of the muzzles from greyhounds that have been adopted and are out in the community has been wanted by groups for a long time.

[Vision: Male laughing, Jaclyn Symes talking to people, greyhound on lead without muzzle, Bernie Carolan speaking, greyhound being patted by a young boy]

And it continues the process of just regarding greyhounds as having a little racing career, but are having a long career as a pet in domestic circumstances, and they make wonderful, wonderful gentle pets.

[Vision: Lady hugging her greyhound, male being kissed by greyhound, people posing with their greyhounds]

They’re very affectionate for their owners, and are very happy to occupy prime position on anybody’s couch.

[Vision: Greyhound relaxing on grass in public and being patted by lady]

And they become just treasured memories of virtually every family that adopts one.

[Vision: People posing for photographs with their greyhounds]

Good boy old boy.

[Vision: Jaclyn Symes speaking, people walking greyhounds on leads]

It is also important to note that greyhounds will still be required on a lead, that’s an important thing for people to understand.

[Vision: Jaclyn Symes patting a greyhound, The GAP Café sign, staff making and serving coffee, Jaclyn Symes speaking]

But it’s a really exciting change, and I know that greyhound lovers whether they come down to the café or they’re walking around the streets, not having a muzzle on the dog is a compulsory requirement.

It’s going to be an important change for those people.

[Vision: Greyhound at café]

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