Video transcript: Murray River Dreaming

[Vision: View of trees with birds singing]

Mick Bogie - Artist

I’m Mick Bogie, I’m a Wiradjuri man.

I’ve been living in this area for over 20 years and I’ve been doing art for a long time but only really out in the public space sort of in the last few years.

[Vision: Drawing of the platypus sculpture the Mick is going to create]

It’s going to be a large sculpture, it’s going to be of a platypus, and it’s just looking like it’s head is just coming out of the water which will be the concrete base, and then there’ll be a story behind.

[Vision: Mick speaking]

Platypus are all quite special for this area.

[Vision: View of Mick walking through parkland and looking at the water]

There’s quite a lot down here.

Like, as a young kid I’d sit on the banks and watch them go about their day and that was quite special, yeah.

So I’ve sketched up some designs and sent them over to an engineer to see if he can do some technical drawings for me.

[Vision: Mick speaking]

And then after that it’s just a matter of getting my hands dirty and starting to create.

So having projects like this for me is really important as a member of the Aboriginal community, it feels really inclusive that we can get our artwork out there and our stories out there for people to see.

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