Mural paints a picture of local identity video transcript

[Emily Green – Reservoir resident]

I'm Emily Green and this is my mural 'Yummyvoir'.

I work as a jewellery designer, and I also paint.

I really love colour, and I really love exploring different colour combinations.

My mural is a celebration of the food of Reservoir, the different types of food we have, and also of food as a means of bringing people together.

So there's sausages from Folino's, a banh mi from Vy Vy's, a cheese pie from Lakeside Bakery, ice cream from Cono.

I also wanted the mural to look at the homegrown produce, the food that we share with each other from our gardens.

I've lived in Reservoir for the past ten years.

My kids both go to Reservoir Primary School.

It's a suburb that I love and I've seen evolve.

It's a massive suburb, so I think it brings together a lot of different cultures and interests and nationalities.