Video transcript: Melbourne’s mining credentials on display

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[Vision: IMARC sign at Exhibition Centre - people entering various booths - view of several booths]

Paul McDonald - Director, Geological Survey of Victoria

Today we’re visualising Victoria’s geology in three dimensions.

When you are at a large international conference like iMARC, it’s hard to get people’s attention.

[Vision: People wearing 3D glasses watching presentation]

So, we thought something unique to attract people into our booth, so we thought what better than having a mine.

The response has been fantastic.

We’ve had a lot of enquiries already.

[Vision: Close-up of 3D glasses showing display they are viewing - actual view of presentation]

We’ve only been open an hour and we’ve had a lot of people through, so a great positive result.

[Vision: High quality 3D projector - man working PC]

Inside we’ve got a high quality 3D projector and a very high-powered PC.

[Vision: View of displays]

And that powers our 3D geological model, and people see that in stereo.

[Vision: People wearing 3D glasses]

So we’ve got some interesting 3D glasses.

[Vision: View of displays - Paul McDonald speaking - people mingling]

Being involved in an international conference is great for Victoria, because we’re trying to get that investment, first of all into Australia, and then definitely into Victoria.

[Vision: People sitting at table and viewing displays]

So showing what pretty competitive data that we have on offer through the 3D mine visualisation is a great way to get people’s attention.

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