Meet the Victorian company electrfying its future video transcript

Vision: View of the Gasco sign on the exterior of the building. View of staff member welding inside the factory. View of Jon Monocrane sign and crane and staff member inside factory. Overall view of factory floor showing work stations.

Text: The Victorian Government is supporting manufacturers through the Low Carbon Manufacturing Grant Program. Grant recipient Gasco is helping its clients reduce carbon with new electric heaters.

Vision: Close-up view of machinery and worker in factory.

- Damien Robertson, Project Manager, Gasco

I’ve been at Gasco for ten years now and largely managing the electric heater packages. There’s a range of products we build.

Vision: View of staff members working in factory and views of equipment and machinery

- Damien Robertson

There’s heat recovery systems. There’s investigation looking into hydrogen products. There’s electric heaters department which is growing in volume. The growth that we’re experiencing in our heater work and the opportunity to assist in decarbonising and in reducing emissions it’s a good thing. It’s an exciting stage for Gasco.

Vision: Close-up view of machined products and staff working in factory. View of Braden working in the factory. Overall view of factory floor showing work stations.

- Braden Henderson, Project Engineer, Gasco

So on this project I helped actually design the unit as well as go through it with our drafting department, so helped review drawings, review datasheets, calculations and so on, and making sure we have materials in a timely manner, organising the timeline, project scheduling etcetera, to make sure that the project’s delivered efficiently and on time.

Vision: View of staff member welding in factory.

- Damien Robertson

We go into industries that are looking to replace existing gas burning things like water-baths where they’ll pull the gas burner out and replace the water-bath with an electric system. So they’ll achieve the heating of gas they need to achieve without burning the gas.

Vision: Close-up view of machinery. View of staff members working in factory. Overall view of factory floor showing work stations. View of staff member welding.

- Braden Henderson

What’s exciting me about it is just how renewable we actually are turning into. Because the industry is growing so much, you know, we are so busy here, it’s just enabling us just to, yeah, push on with our sustainable footprint and really preparing us for the future.

Vision: View of equipment in factory.

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