Meet the Victorian company electrifying its future

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The mining, oil and gas sector is changing, turning to ‘low carbon’, and this Victorian manufacturer is helping with more energy-efficient products.

Bayswater-based Gasco is a heat transfer and combustion company that designs and manufactures products like heaters, waste recovery systems and thermal oxidisers.

It is committed to providing products and services to meet the energy transformation that’s happening, as the world transitions to a decarbonised future.

Supported by the Victorian Government’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Grant Program, Gasco is building a new terminal enclosure that will allow the company to increase the capacity of its electric heaters to around 600 kilowatts, helping its clients reduce carbon in their systems.

According to Project Manager Damien Robertson, electric heaters are replacing fossil fuel systems for mining and oil and gas clients.

'The heaters will go into industries that are looking to replace existing gas burning with an electric system. They’ll be able to heat what they need without burning gas,' he said.

'Our electric heater department is growing, and we have the opportunity to assist in decarbonising and reducing emissions which is an exciting stage for Gasco as we expand.'

Braden Henderson, who joined Gasco as a graduate and is now working as a Project Engineer, says that he chose to get into the industry because it’s changing fast.

'We’re moving to a greener, more sustainable environment and I’ve been really excited to be a part of that to help Australia decarbonise and look after generations to come.'

'The industry is growing so much and we are so busy here, it’s enabling us to push on with our sustainable footprint and preparing us for the future.'

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