Video transcript: Meet the Phillip Island engineer delivering free 3D-printed hands to the world

Uplifting music

[Vision: Image of Mat Bowtell]

This is Mat Bowtell

He makes assistive hands and fingers for children and adults around the world

[Vision: Image of a 3D hand]

Based out his factory in Phillip Island, Mat has been able to make thousands of hands using 3D printing technology

[Vision: Image of recipients of the 3D hand]

The devices are given to children in need for free

[Vision: Image of medical staff wearing face shields]

2020 saw Mat pivot to 3D printing 6000 face shields for frontline health workers in the region.

[Vision: Image of 3D hand staff packing face shields]

This is why he won our Leadership and Innovation Award at the recent Regional Achievement and Community Awards

Congrats Mat

[Victoria State Government - Delivering for Rural and Regional Victoria]

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