Video transcript: Meet the Commissioner for Victoria to China – Tim Dillon

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.


[Vision:  China shipping port – Introducing Commissioner for Victoria to China – Tim Dillon]

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Tim Dillon – Commissioner for Victoria to China

The Victorian Government Trade and Investment office China network can assist Victorian companies in a range of ways.

Starting from the most simple we can introduce the Chinese market to them and specifically information around industry sectors.

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For companies that are looking to enter the market and are paying a visit, we can also support them by putting together a program where they can meet with potential business partners, receive briefings on how the sector they’re entering works and who the key players are, what the key regulations are.

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With a total of 30 staff they attend trade shows, investment promotions, various events where they can build their networks.

Given the importance of relationships you’ve got to have a very strong and wide network.

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We also leverage off our universities and their alumni networks and attend those and sometimes even host them.

[Vision:  Tim Dillon speaking]

When companies in Victoria are looking at China, it’s important to recognise that it’s not just one single market, but in actual fact it’s a range of markets together.

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And the way they do business, and some of their cultures and customs, can vary significantly.

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The most satisfying part of my job is probably the fact that I feel very privileged to be living in China during this period of time.

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I think it’s undergoing tremendous change, rapid change.

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I’m sure that in 10-20-30 years’ time we will look back at this time in China as a pivotal time when China changed and really developed into a country of high tech, high innovation, a global leader in many industries sectors, and cemented its importance in the global economy.

[Vision:  Tim Dillon speaking]

What’s the best thing about living in China?

That’s a hard question.

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The simple answer would be the food.

I’ve lived in Japan.

[Vision:  Chinese lion dancers]

I’ve lived in Malaysia and travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia.

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And now I get to live in China for the past three years, and what a dynamic and exciting place China is, so I feel extremely lucky.


[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]