Video transcript: Bright Future for Geelong's Advanced Manufacturing

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[Vision:  ManuFutures office building at Deakin University]

Prof. Jane den Hollander – Deputy Vice Chancellor, Deakin University

ManuFutures is about stimulating innovation from companies that have got past start-up and want to go to scale.

[Vision:  Vision of people chatting and mingling – Deakin University signage]

Getting companies that go to scale so they get foreign and local investment and employ highly-skilled people is the next generation of advanced manufacturing for the great city and region of Geelong.

[Vision:  Jaala Pulford unveiling plaque – people applauding]

Jaala Pulford – Minister for Regional Development

The manufacturing that’s going on here is extremely exciting.

[Vision:  Computer screen showing FLAIM Trainer operation]

We’ve been, you know, so pleased to be able to deliver a $3 million contribution to a $13 million project and a fabulous partnership with industry and with Deakin University.

[Vision:  Fireman suiting up and using virtual reality equipment using FLAIM Trainer]

Assoc. Prof. James Mullins – Chief Technology Officer, FLAIM Systems P/L

Our first product, FLAIM Trainer is a system that enables firefighters to train in their own environment, in their own engine bay.

We can push people into situations that they wouldn’t normally see in their day-to-day lives, and given them that realistic sense of immersion without have to have the dangerous chemicals involved with fire products.

Already we’ve seen that the intangible benefits of being inside a building with these diverse range of companies is really beneficial for us.

[Vision:  Assoc. Prof. James Mullins speaking – Man with water resistant clothing on]

Just having that engineering knowledge, the business knowledge, and the skills mix in the building, means that we can really grow a lot quicker than we could have outside.

[Vision:  Vision of water resistant clothing being tested]

Dr Murray Height – Chief Executive Officer, HeiQ Australia P/L

The HeiQ groups is focused very much on textile treatments, so for HeiQ Australia, starting on campus and then building manufacturing capability, having a home on campus makes a lot of sense.

[Vision:  ManuFutures building at Deakin University]

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