Video transcript: Lights, Camera, Action! ACMI reopens after major development

[Vision: Entrance to the ACMI]

Georgina Jerums

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square has undergone a $40m revamp.

[Vision: Time lapse photography of staff creating the exhibits]

It’s interactive exhibits for all ages celebrate the very best of Australian film culture.

Katrina Sedgwick - CEO, ACMI

ACMI is a museum in the middle of Federation Square spread across four different levels.

[Vision: Man walking up staircase - Aboriginal and computer exhibits]

What we’ve done is we’ve opened up and connected all of those floors so that we now have far more public space.

[Vision: Display of old film equipment - children using the interactive screen - people exploring world of colour exhibit]

We have a brand new free permanent exhibition, updated education spaces, fantastic food and retail, event spaces.

[Vision: Display for the arrival of television - car exhibit]

It’s going to be a real centrepiece of the cultural life in Melbourne.

[Vision: Flash display of dice figures - interactive computer games - older style game equipment - large display of man showing image use - GTV camera - film strips]

It tells the story of film, television, video games and contemporary art, the moving image right from even before we imagine it starting.

[Vision: Stuffed animal, television screen - costumes]

It explores craft, it explores form. We juxtapose all these different things against each other.

[Vision: Close up of camera - flash display of dice figures - car display]

It’s exploring the past and how it influences the present, analogue how it influences digital. An Australian voice is absolutely central to that, a Melbourne voice and a First Nation’s voice.

[Vision: Lady entering exhibition and scanning ACMI card and using it on display - Flip Book display]

As you enter the exhibition you get your own take-home cardboard device.

It’s got an NFC chip in it and you can just use that to go around and collect everything that you’re interested in off its label and explore it further.

[Vision: early lounge room with older style television - spin display showing child bouncing a ball - people interacting with displays using hands as a screen - count down lit sign - people interacting with edit display - children interacting with displays]

But around that we’ve built a lot of interactive experiences and we’ve been working very hard over the last few months to make sure that they’re completely COVID safe.

But you can go in there and interact and play and learn how to make things, learn how to edit, how to do sound design.

[Vision: people interacting with edit display and children interacting with computer games - dolls - older style camera equipment and screens]

You know, this kind of very playful interactive quality I think reflects how we all use the moving image where we can not only view it, we can make it and we can share it, and I think that’s really reflected in how we’ve approached the amazing exhibition design.

[Vision: People interacting with displays and using ACMI card to view their collection of information]

I think we’ve made such a leap here in terms of what a museum can be.

[Vision: People sitting around - Katrina Sedgwick speaking]

We’re really positioning ourselves as one of the leading museums of the 21st Century anywhere in the world.

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