Video transcript: Kicking goals at the Reclink finals on and off the park

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

Kicking Goals at the Reclink Football Cup

[Vision: Teams playing in the Reclink Football Cup]

Raeles Budge - Reclink Footballer

I got involved with Reclink 12 years ago through my housing worker. It’s given me a purpose to live.

[Vision: Raeles playing football - Raeles speaking]

You know, back then I wasn’t really doing too good but once I started getting involved with Reclink and playing footy, I started to feel like I’m somebody.

[Vision: Raeles training - teams playing in the Reclink Football Cup - spectators watching game - goal being scored and cheering from team]

Peter Cullen A.M. - Founder & Director Reclink Australia

It just means so much to the people. Every player in our league plays in the Grand Final, we purposely do that.
Bringing people back to sport who otherwise are not playing sport, but also dealing with social challenges, is a huge thing.

[Vision: Teams playing in the Reclink Football Cup]

One player said to me when you’ve got the ball in that moment it’s like you don’t have a worry in the world.

Jeff ‘Joffa’ Corfe - Cheer Squad Leader, Collingwood F.C.

It’s just an enjoyable day for everyone involved in Reclink, and the guys out there this is their day. It’s all about them.

[Vision: Teams playing in the Reclink Football Cup]

But the majority of these guys have probably been homeless somewhere along the journey. I was homeless once too at 14 years of age, so I know.

[Vision: Jeff speaking - Jeff and others posing for picture]

I’ve been where they’ve been and Reclink should be congratulated for it.

[Vision: Teams playing in the Reclink Football Cup]

Game commentator 

[Vision: Umpire for game - coach for team discussing tactics for team]

The Kangaroos have steadied, they look like they’re getting back in the comp this year, so it’s a 17-point lead … still a close game.

[Vision: Raeles receiving medal - Raeles speaking]

I actually belong to a team now and we’ve built friendships. And it’s just been an amazing transformation from where I was 12 years ago to now.

[Vision: Teams posing for photographs - Raeles cheering]

Go Reclink!

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