Video transcript: Jobs Victoria opening career doors at Pan Pacific

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[Vision: Young man answering telephone. Text title overlay: By partnering with Jobs Victoria, Pan Pacific Melbourne has so far provided hospitality roles to 12 young job-seekers who faced barriers to employment]

Kasey Findlay - Director Human Capital & Development, Pan Pacific Melbourne

[Vision: Kasey speaking with young man]

We host placements for candidates.

We have two or three people each placement period.

They come in and work with us for a few weeks with the view to move into an employment opportunity.

Keegan Neumann - Food & Beverage Attendant, Pan Pacific Melbourne

[Vision: Keegan preparing breakfast buffet]

The first step I did was apply for way too many jobs.

You need experience to get a job to get experience.

[Vision: Keegan preparing food for the breakfast buffet]

If you don’t have that foot in the door you’re not getting anywhere.

[Vision: Keegan speaking]

I was feeling very down on myself and then through a Jobs Victoria program I found I was able to acquire a job here as a breakfast attendant.

[Vision: Young man making coffee]

I’ve become so much happier.

I’m more proactive I feel and I just really enjoy the job, you know, I love getting to know other people who work here.

[Vision: View of breakfast buffet - Kasey speaking]

It makes you feel good when you’re able to hear about how someone’s life’s changed through the employment opportunities that you’re giving them.

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