Video transcript: It's Woodend's shout: expanded brewhouse delivers new jobs and tourism

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[Vision: External of Holgate Brewhouse - Paul and Natasha smiling for camera - Natasha speaking]

Natasha Holgate - Co-founder & Director, Holgate Brewery

Paul and I were doing a science degree at Melbourne Uni in the late eighties, and I walked into the chemistry library and there were only two seats available, and one was opposite Paul, and he looked up and smiled and so I sat opposite him and 30-something years later we’re still together.

Paul Holgate - Co-founder & Director, Holgate Brewery

We started our business 20 years ago, so this year has been our 20th anniversary.

[Vision: Paul pouring a beer in the tap room]

We’re one of only three breweries in Victoria.

[Vision: Paul walking up to inspect hoppers]

We always were passionate about making beer from scratch from 100% malt and barley in real hoppers, and wanted to create a business where we lived in Woodend.

[Vision: Paul speaking]

The Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund has been fantastic in helping us complete our project.

[Vision: Outside of taproom and visitor centre - Cans of various beer on display]

The contribution has gone towards helping the build the Brewhouse Showroom we have our brand new German Brewhouse, and a fantastic tap room and visitor's centre where consumers can come in and they can see the beer being made.

[Vision: Staff member pouring beer in taproom and serving customer]

We’ve got a great new bottle shop and tap room with 16 taps and a whole range of different beers.

[Vision: Natasha speaking - people talking with staff member in taproom - view of cheese platter]

It’s helped us to create a beautiful space for visitors to help get more people into regional Victoria from Melbourne and from interstate which will then also create jobs in the area too.

[Vision: Male tasting beer - Paul speaking]

We’re very proud of the fact that we employ a lot of people in the local community.

We employ 40 people or thereabouts between the two businesses.

[Vision: Staff member working in brewery - view of hoppers - staff member in shop - view of bottles of beer]

We support through donations and sponsorships a lot of local organisations from kindergartens and schools to sporting clubs and so on.

[Vision: View of hoppers - keg displaying the Holgate brand]

So the fund certainly enabled us to build on and engage more with local community.

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