Video transcript: Introducing the Actuator - Australia's Medtech Accelerator

[Dr Buzz Palmer – CEO of The Actuator]

Hi, my name’s Dr. Buzz Palmer. I’m the CEO of The Actuator, Australia’s National Medtech Catalyst.

So we see a lot of opportunity in Australia in Medtech, but we don’t see a pathway for those new entrepreneurs to take their ideas further. So what we’ve decided to do is enable a pathway, a pipeline of opportunity to focus on three major areas: the first is capital, second thing is capability, and of course the third thing, the reason that we sort of did the Actuator, was because a lot of the entrepreneurs in Medtech are first time entrepreneurs, which is a huge risk.

[Neil Svensartech –  Tunicare]

My name is Neil Svensartech from Tunicare and we are developing a clamp style, blood pressure monitor that easily clips on to the upper arm.

[Shing Yue Sheung. – NAVI Medical Technologies]

My name is Shing Yue Sheung. I’m co-founder of NAVI Medical Technologies. We’re creating a medical device to improve the lives of critically ill newborns.

It’s an overlooked problem in newborns. There are similar medical devices in the adult medicine market but they rely on slightly different technologies and rely on slightly different methods to be able to provide this similar real time feedback.

The Actuator has given us the right resources, the right connections, so that we can really execute on the structure and planning framework that they have and that we can really meet the right milestones to get our product into the market.

[Neil Svensartech –  Tunicare]

The guidance and the mentoring are two big aspects for me but most of all, I enjoy the network that the Actuator brings along.

[Dr Buzz Palmer – CEO of The Actuator]

The Goods Shed’s great. The thing about the Good Shed is that we’re surrounded by an organic group of people. We’ve got the stone and chalk of Fintech group, we’ve got Launch Big, we’ve got Sproutext, the national agriculture accelerator and of course the Actuator here.

We need to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs, the next generation of leaders, we need to grow the next generation of start ups, and really start positioning ourselves globally as a health care capital of the world.

[Narrator] Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.