Video transcript: International uni students and Victoria Police connect with a soccer friendly

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

[Vision:  Soccer game in progress]

Georgina Jerums

While the Socceroos went out early, World Cup fever still gripped the nation.

[Vision:  People watching the soccer game - City in the Community]

And the week of the final a Melbourne game celebrated multiculturalism in our community.

George Halkias - Melbourne City Football Club

Ten or so countries represented and once the ball comes out they’re not as shy and not as anxious and they’re having a good time out there and they’re making new friends.

[Vision:  Soccer players enjoying interaction with everyone]

[Vision:  Soccer players enjoying interaction with everyone]

Marcela Marques - Victoria Police

When I’m working I always try to speak to the international people especially if I know that they’re from South America, because I know how it feels.

It’s not easy to come here, different culture, everything is different but Melbourne’s just - well it’s a great place, the best place in the world to live.

[Vision:  People enjoying the football game]

And I just want these people to come and feel welcome.

[Vision:  Soccer game in progress]

A diverse team from the Victoria Police took on international students from La Trobe and Swinburne universities at Melbourne Football Club in Bundoora.

[Vision:  Soccer players jumping and posing for photograph]

To celebrate camaraderie and reinforce our state, home to about 200,000 international students from 170 countries.

It’s a safe environment in which to live and learn.

[Vision:  Soccer game in progress - people watching game]

The game highlighted the Victorian Government’s International Student Welfare Program, which focuses on student safety, employability, health and social inclusion.

Yankee Lee - International Student

Definitely you can see that we have all international teams, that we’re against the Victorian Police, just they never have a match like this.

So it definitely is going to, you know, we have like a strong relationship between the police and students.

Simon Stevens - Acting Superintendent, Victoria Police

[Vision:  Simon speaking with students - Simon speaking - Simon speaking with students]

Communication is the key to pretty much anything, but especially communicating with such a rich and diverse group of students in a multi-language barrier issues, we just want to make sure they understand that Victoria Police, we are a community police force.

[Vision:  Two police officers talking - Soccer players interacting with each other at end of game]

We’re just part of the community.

[Vision:  Gerogina Jerums speaking - Soccer players shaking hands at end of game

Melbourne ranks as the third best student city in the world, and this soccer game helped remind us of that in a relaxed manner away from the lecture hall.


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