Video transcript: Fitted for Work - improving career opportunities for transgender women

Fitted for Work - improving career opportunities for transgender women

[Vision: Fitted for Work shop showing clothing, shoes and accessories]

Martin Foley - Minister for Equality

It’s a real pleasure to be joined by so many people who have at their heart a commitment to make sure that transgender diverse and non-binary women have the opportunity to participate fully in our job market.

[Vision: - Michelle Sheppard working at Fitted for Work - Martin Foley speaking - Martin Foley speaking with Donna de Zwart and Michelle Sheppard]

And that’s why the Victorian Government is really, really pleased, through the Victoria Jobs Innovation Fund, to announce a $227,000 support for Fitted for Work to be allowed to go out there and assist trans women and non-binary people to get the support they need to get back into the job market.

Donna de Zwart - CEO, Fitted for Work

[Vision: Michelle Sheppard working]

So at Fitted for Work we know that for this cohort of women taking them out of disadvantage is through employment.

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Money doesn’t buy happiness, but what it does buy a woman is it buys her choice as to how she wants to live her life.

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Michelle Sheppard - Participant and Employee, Fitted for Work

For me this is a massive achievement.

[Vision:  Michelle Sheppard working at Fitted for Work - Michelle Sheppard speaking - available accessories at Fitted for Work - Michelle Sheppard speaking]

I myself experienced a massive amount of inequality and many barriers getting through, so to come and be able to offer this back to the wider community, even paying it forward back to Fitted for Work who I came to, to actually get my career back on track when I lost everything and all hope myself.

[Vision:  Donna de Zwart speaking]

It’s about giving a woman confidence, and about giving her hope to move forward, and changing that internal dialogue which is where the hard work for us really starts.

[Vision:  Michelle Sheppard speaking - Michelle Sheppard at Fitted for Work]

Hopefully what we can do is help them get back on their feet showing them that people actually really do care and start to make a difference in their lives.

[Vision: Martin Foley speaking]

This is a really significant opportunity to make sure that the great Australian commitment to decency and equality and fair go is delivered.

And that really is a job and support, and if you bring the two together you can make people’s lives better.

[Vision:  Martin Foley, Michelle Sheppard and Donna de Zwart at Fitted for Work]

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