Video transcript: Immigration museum filled with love in new exhibition

This video presents visual images of the LOVE exhibition at Melbourne Immigration Museum, Melbourne.

The following provides a visual description of the video:

  1. White neon sign with  words - WHO DO YOU LOVE?
  2. Two visual artists in costume, covered head to toe in red glitter, faces covered, dancing beneath art installation.
  3. Detailing on artists' head and shoulders.
  4. Interior of art exhibition space, various artworks, some shaped like house frames.
  5. Large scale installation of red flowers on table.
  6. Neon sign erected on top of house frame with words - IT'S YOUR REASON FOR BEING.
  7. People sitting at oversized table talking, interacting with flower art.
  8. Neon light display on black wall - WE ALL HAVE A LOVE STORY WHAT'S YOURS?

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