Vidoe transcript: Hoppers Crossing doing cartwheels over new gymnastics facility

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[Vision: BK Gymnastics signage and building with people entering. Students using balance beams]

Emma Coogan - PE Teacher, The Grange P-12 College

This space is absolutely awesome.

There is so much equipment and the kids absolutely love it.

I have loved that every time we’ve come into the gym there’s never been an issue with participation.

[Vision: Emma taking class of young children]

Every student wants to participate in gymnastics.

Every student has fun doing it.

Jamie Parsons - CEO, Gymnastics Victoria

It’s come about through a partnership with the school and one of our affiliated clubs BK Gymnastics.

[Vision: Emma teaching students about gymnastics]

We worked closely to ensure that they are meeting all the national standards around coaching, around apparatus, but also around the business model that they use.

Mark Rendell - CEO, Belgravia Kids Gymnastics

Every Australian child should learn to swim.

Every Australian child should learn to move was our vision.

[Vision: View of gymnasium showing the equipment available - Emma teaching young students to use equipment - children enjoying the equipment]

Thanks to the Community Sports Loan Scheme that Sport and Recreation Victoria have put in place we were able to fund the fitout of this gym through that loan scheme that fast-tracked the process.

[Vision: Aaran supervising young students on equipment]

But it also allowed us to create 15 jobs for the high school students here.

Eight of those have gone on to intermediate qualifications.

[Vision: High school student helping young student on balance beam]

Four of them have become supervisors.

[Vision: Aarna helping young students to use equipment - young boy enjoying the equipment]

So it provided a great leadership opportunities and first employment for a lot of young community members.

Aarna - Student, The Grange P-12 College

Well I love everything really, because it has all the things that we need to do gymnastics and that’s nice.

[Vision: Older students using the equipment and doing cartwheels]

With the gymnasium, like, we can do a bit more things, and many people at our school are, like, gymnasts that can do lots of stuff like that.

[Vision: Older students using the equipment]

So it’s also, like, a benefit for them so they can, like, practice.

And also people who are not so good at it they can have a try and see if its their sport or not.

Meredith Clencie - Principal, The Grange P-12 College

We have 900+ kids at this school.

Every child from Prep to Year 6 has gymnastics every week.

[Vision: Older students using the equipment]

We’ve noticed that it’s really improved their coordination, self-esteem, feeling of being good about moving their body.

And parents love it because we really push it as an alternative to screen time.

[Vision: Emma speaking]

There’s so many kids here that I highlight and they’re good.

[Vision: Emma teaching class of students]

I can see them progressing in the future so we’ve got some great athletes at the school.

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