Honouring our unsung heroes – sports volunteers video transcript

Vision: External view of Government House Melbourne. View of the chandeliers and shield in the throne room. View of people mingling in the throne room and listening to the governor speak

Linda Dessau - Governor of Victoria

'Those of you gathered here are the tip of a very big iceberg.'

'Thank you for contributing your time and your skills in the diverse ways that you do.'

'Thank you for helping to make us healthy, and thank you for growing our future stars as well.'

'Above all though thank you for bringing communities together.'

Vision: View of people mingling in the throne room.

Gen Dohrmann - CEO, Table Tennis Victoria - President, Women Sport Australia

Volunteers are the lifeblood of table tennis.

We have so many committees, so many competitions, so many coaches that they are volunteers and they run everything to do with our sport of table tennis, so it’s so important that we recognise them and really value the contribution that they make to our sport.

Vision: View of people mingling in the throne room.

Ben Kavenagh - Head of AFL Victoria

'Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation.'

'AFL Victoria has 1300 clubs throughout Victoria, without volunteers we wouldn’t have any, so the volunteers played an enormous role in allowing these communities to come together on a weekend, or a week night, to enjoy each other’s company, and yeah, without the volunteers that doesn’t happen.'

Vision: View of people mingling in the throne room.

Emily Fox - Manager, Proud 2 Play, St Kilda Sharks FC Player

'I just recognise that being a volunteer in these spaces is not just important for the spaces that I’m volunteering in, but it’s helping set a precedent for other people in the LGBT community.'

Vision: View of people mingling in the throne room.

Christine Granger - CEO Proud to Play

'The most important thing about volunteering is that you meet people, build your skills, and it builds your knowledge, but most importantly it connects you with people.'

Vision: View of people mingling in the throne room.

Janet Judge - 2021 Volunteer of the Year, Calisthenics Victoria

'Just to get that acknowledgement from the Governor and Calisthenics Victoria, to be invited here is just a privilege, and you don’t do it for that, but just to know that you’ve been accepted and appreciated is just wonderful.'

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