Homewares store ramps up business with COVID safety on point

Surf coast retailer embraces reopening with a COVIDSafe plan.

Frankie Say Relax owner, Rebecca Feldman, hasn’t let coronavirus (COVID-19) dim her spirits. If anything, online trading has kept them busier than ever, with unsurpassed levels of stock being delivered along the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula.

“During these lockdowns we’ve operated online with contactless free delivery. Our customers couldn’t personally give birthday or newborn baby gifts to their friends and relatives, so we’ve been exceptionally busy with online gift orders too.”

Now that restrictions have been eased, Rebecca is even more excited about the future.Lady wearing face mask, in retail shop with large plant

“We’re rapt to have all our stores open in in Geelong, Torquay and Queenscliff. We have a COVIDSafe Plan in place to keep our staff and customers safe,” she said. “We’ve been really careful with physical distancing and hygiene and all of the staff wear face masks. We have a staff member at the front of the store administering hand sanitiser and monitoring customer numbers in the store at all times.”

Now mandatory for all businesses, COVIDSafe Plan templates can be downloaded from coronavirus.vic.gov.au and outline an employer’s obligations to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Business owners are required to complete the template, sign the document and keep it on site as they implement the six COVIDSafe principles including: ensuring physical distancing of 1.5 metres; wearing a face mask; practising good hand hygiene; keeping good records and acting quickly if staff become unwell; avoiding interaction in enclosed spaces and creating workforce bubbles.

Rebecca says due to the tangible nature of homewares and gifts, they now have signs to discourage customers from handling products on shelves. She says they regularly clean benchtops, door handles and the EFTPOS machine.

“People have been really good in wanting to do the right thing because we all want to move to some normality.”

Rebecca says she’s positive about her future business prospects knowing she has a plan in place. “I’m really optimistic. It’s a good thing to limit people for the safety of staff and customers. As soon as people can leave Melbourne for summer holidays, we’ll be even busier so I’m glad we’ve done the hard yards and have safety precautions in now.”

Business owners in Victoria are being asked to play their part in slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) by developing a COVIDSafe Plan. These are now a mandatory requirement for all Victorian businesses that are open for on-site operations. For more information visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au or call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15.