Video transcript: Happy 90th birthday to the CWA

[Vision:  Birthday cake to celebrate 90 years of CWA – women chatting]

The Hon. Linda Dessau ACT – Governor of Victoria

What a wonderful celebration, CWA Victoria’s 90th birthday.

[Vision:  Women and men mingling and chatting at celebration]

90 years of women focused on service, focused on friendship, focused on socialising, growth and learning.

Lynette Harris OAM – State President CWA

We’re celebrating our 90th birthday. In 1928 it was first began to support women in remote areas in country Victoria.

[Vision:  Ladies cutting birthday cake – close-up of 90 Years and flowers on cake]

We’ve got 330 branches all over Victoria and we’re just so proud to think that the women – we’re all a voluntary organisation.

[Vision:  Close-up of bunting – 2018 – flowers]

We do a lot of work for nothing but we love what we’re doing.

[Vision:  Wine glasses and wine being served]

Daniel Andrews – Premier of Victoria

CWA’s important to keep communities safe and strong, to advocate on behalf of women and beyond that.
[Vision:  Daniel Andrews speaking with women – bunting 90 years – ladies chatting at celebration]

I think for all regional communities, and the history of these 90 years is so many important improvements and reforms, so many issues that were so important, were advanced because the CWA fought hard for a better deal for regional Victoria and of course regional women.

Jaala Pulford – Minister for AgricultureI’m always very keen to take the opportunity when it presents itself to listen to what the CWA have to say.

[Vision:  Women chatting at celebration – ladies posing for photograph – women chatting at celebration]
They’re a modern progressive organisation who represent very strong and dynamic women from communities right across Victoria.

[Vision:  Daniel Andrews speaking]
It’s one of those important institutions that we perhaps don’t pause often enough to say thank you and to celebrate and show just how valued the CWA is.

[VICTORIA State Government]

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