Video transcript: Music Works helps launch Alice Ivy onto the international stage

[Vision:  Alice Ivy performing to large audience - Alice Ivy entering through door of recording studio]

Alice Ivy

Hey, I’m Alice Ivy.

I’m an electronic producer based in Brunswick, Melbourne.

[Vision:  Alice working - sound equipment]

I make soul electronic music and now I’m sort of switching to more of an electronic pop vibe.

[Vision:  Alice at computer keyboard]

I guess I’m really lucky to be able to be doing this full-time now.

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I started playing in a 25-piece all-girl soul band, and so we covered Motown covers.

We got to tour Europe a couple of times, and tour Australia and that sort of gave me a really good intro.

[Vision:  Alice Ivy signage - Alice performing]

So I just started chipping away at it.

[Vision:  Alice performing to large audience - Alice speaking]

So the Music Works Grant funded my trip to Canadian Music Week last year, and honestly, like, it opened up so many doors for me.

[Vision:  Alice at keyboard - lobster - Alice at keyboard]

To be able to get that support grants to be able to record a record, tour, especially overseas, it’s so important, especially for those up and coming artists who don’t have the financial situation to be able to pay for it.

[Vision:  Alice performing - Alice speaking]

This year is sort of a year for me to work on some new material, and the other side of this year I release my debut record.

[Vision:  Alice performing]

So I guess it’s all sort of just like building up.

Yeah, I’m super excited.

It’s going to be a big year.

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