Video transcript: Go with your gut at Melbourne Museum’s new exhibition

[Title: Love Your Gut]

Georgina Jerums

Prepare for an exhibition with a difference.

Melbourne Museum’s Gut Feelings takes you on a journey inside your gut, showing how your digestive system can be tied up with your mood.

Happiness, anxiety, depression, anger, all those feelings can affect your gut and vice versa.

[Vision: Time lapse photography of people viewing the exhibition]

Dr Joanna Simpkin - Senior curator Human Biology & Medicine, Museums Victoria

Gut Feelings is a really exciting new exhibition aimed at an adult audience, where we’re talking about the gut-mind connection, so how the trillions of microbes that live on and in you are contributing to your overall health.

[Vision: Male viewing the microbes in his body display - Gut Network display]

They talk to your nervous system, immune system and hormonal system.

[Vision: Displays and people viewing them]

We’ve made this very beautiful and we want you to really dive into the stories that are shown here.

[Vision: Large display of microbes stating relax it’s good for your microbes]

We’ve got projections of real microbes, so these are taken by a scanning electron microscopy, and they’re beautiful and colourful, and again people are sort of taken away with these little creatures that they never knew existed within them.

[Vision: Touchable wall with lady running her hand through it - people filming its movement]

We’ve got our touchable villi wall that you can run your hand through and these little finger-like projections that your small intestine are covered with, and they’re kind of where your microbes call home.

[Vision: Dr Joanna Simpkin speaking]

One of the really empowering things we’re wanting people to take away from this exhibition is that you can actually improve your microbiome within 24 hours just by eating well today.

[Vision: People interacting with display dragging food and medicine into circle]

These little microbes are helpful.

They can talk to your body and help you be healthy in body and mind.

[Vision: Georgina Jerums speaking]

This is a fantastic exhibition, a year in the making, and I promise you will never think about microbes in the same way again.

[Vision: People interacting with displays - counter showing how many microbes there are in comparison to humans in the world and stars in the milky way]

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