Go with your gut at Melbourne Museum’s new exhibition

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WATCH THE VIDEO: Journey into the fascinating, hidden depths of the gut at Melbourne Museum’s latest show.

Melbourne Museum’s Gut Feelings explores the connection between the gut and the brain. The exhibition reveals insights into this growing field of research and guarantees to get you thinking about your gut in an entirely new way.  

For instance, your gut talks to the rest of your body via trillions of tiny micro-organisms called microbes. And here’s a fun fact: up to two kilograms of your body is made up of microbes.  

Gut microbes are affected by genetics, stress and illness. But the good news is that the health of microbes can be controlled with exercise, a healthy diet, regular sleep and by not overusing antibiotics.

The connection between gut and mind comes alive as you walk among your microbes in a stunning gut tunnel, marvel at art and science installations and see the gut in a whole new light, from faecal transplants to probiotic-rich diets.

Gut Feelings is on at the Melbourne Museum until February 2020.  

Watch the video to learn more.