Gippsland’s new home for the performing arts video transcript

[Vision: View of the exterior of the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre]

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[Text: The Victorian Government has contributed $12m to the development of the Arts Centre in the Latrobe Creative Precinct]

Cr Kellie O’Callaghan - Mayor, Latrobe City Council

Well the great thing about this facility besides the 750 seats that is more people in our arts facility than we’ve ever had before, but there’s some great indoor and outdoor spaces.

[Vision: View of projector and screen in the meeting room]

We’ve got fantastic meeting rooms which supplement the opportunity for people to gather together.

[Vision: View of the time exterior façade of the Arts Centre]

The outdoor spaces, including the amphitheatre will create wonderful opportunities.

Bec Cole - Director, Creative Arts Latrobe City Council

[Vision: View of Simon Hemming performing with female artist on stage]

Not only will we have the excellent performing art centre where you can see a range of really exciting shows, but the broader precinct itself will actually support people in creative industry development, and then we’ll have a range of public programing and education opportunities to support the next generation of artists coming through.

[Vision: View of ensemble playing on stage]

Simon Hemming - Latrobe Theatre Company

[Vision: View of technology in the theatre and a view looking up at the purple curtain]

To have the ability to be able to teach in a theatre like this, and to have the latest technology available to us, the sky’s the limit as far as I’m concerned.

The precinct is just absolutely beautiful.

[View of the ropes used to operate the curtain for the stage]

The auditorium and stage, which is just so dynamic in the way that it’s been put together, we’d love to be a centre of excellence where the performing arts is concerned.

[Vision: View of the interior of the theatre and the seating]

Alison Teychenne - Latrobe Orchestra

Making music and sharing music, Ah, it’s good for your soul!

[Vision: View of interior of the performing arts facility]

It’s an opportunity to play in a really fantastic world-class facility.

Cr Kellie O’Callaghan - Mayor, Latrobe City Council

Whether you’re buying a ticket for a big show, whether you’re looking to participate as a creative, as a performer, you’ll be able to see that showcased here at GPAC.

[Vision: View of the timber structures within the performing arts centre]

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