Geelong’s Care Essentials goes the distance

Demonstration of an underbody warming blanket

Care Essentials' commitment to health currently has Geelong on the international map as exports of their warming blanket continue to build.

Geelong North business, Care Essentials, has triumphed for the third time, taking the crown consecutively for Regional Exporter of the Year 2021 at Victoria’s Export Awards.

Managing Director, Abhay Sinha, says a business needs to export well to claim the title and be consistent with growth.Photograph of Abhay Sinha

“In the past three years, our export numbers have consistently been growing in overseas markets with interest from North America, Europe and New Zealand,” Abhay said.

Specialising in temperature management and Personal Protective Equipment, Care Essentials burst into the health scene in 1996, establishing a new meaning to the term, “excellence”.

Their warming blankets became a favourite for overseas health practitioners with many countries ordering the product to help maintain a patient’s body temperature during surgery.

Boosting its success, investment from the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs Fund has given Care Essentials the capability to provide even more for the community. Bringing in a state-of-the-art German engineered machine will allow a large number of patient warming blankets to be produced in Geelong each year.

Six million to be exact.

This figure is predicted to almost double in the future. The advanced European machine is the first of its kind in Australia, showcasing innovative technology that will help Care Essentials expand their health offerings.

“Germany is very good at making excellent global machines – some of the best machinery comes from Germany,” Abhay said.

North Geelong has a strong history in manufacturing with many manufacturing businesses setting up there. The additional investment in Care Essentials will translate to 100 new full time manufacturing jobs created over three years.

The business also played a large part in keeping Victorians safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. With help from the Victorian Government, Care Essentials became a production powerhouse, making three million high quality face masks for health workers and the community.

Care Essentials produces four different types of the N95 respirator mask known to have an advanced filter to protect the wearer from airborne particles – a crucial item for healthcare workers in high-risk environments such as an operating room.

“We’d like to see further expansion of our medical equipment and products, especially with so much focus on health at the moment,” Abhay said.

“We have plans to manufacture rapid antigen tests and also other clinical products.”

Proudly leading the way with entrepreneurship and innovation, Care Essentials has certainly earned its stripes as one of Australia’s most successful exporters.

Abhay said annual participation in industry exhibitions has helped the business grow in the international market and put Australia on the world stage. Care Essentials is a regular attendee at Arab Health in Dubai and Medica Trade Fair in Germany and contributes to the American Society of Anaesthesiologists

“We’re really well known in hospitals around the world,” Abhay said.

“Australia already has an excellent brand name overseas which provided a great foundation to establish our products in international markets.”

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