Gandhi exhibition travels from Delhi to Melbourne’s Immigration Museum

Mahatma Gandhi

The Mahatma Gandhi exhibition, currently on display at the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in Delhi, will move to Melbourne’s Immigration Museum in early April 2018.

The exhibition celebrates the success of the Indian diaspora internationally, recognising that Gandhi was a member of the diaspora who migrated from India to England and then to South Africa before returning to India. It is curated from more than 1,000 archival photographs, 130 minutes of footage, 60 minutes of film clips and 20 voice recordings of Gandhi’s speeches.

One of the reasons the exhibition is heading for Victoria is that the state is home to more people of Indian descent than any other place in Australia.

It is one of many community and cultural events the Victorian Government is supporting as part of the Victoria’s India Strategy: Our Shared Future.

Interstate and international visitors are expected to come to Melbourne to see the Gandhi exhibition which runs from 5 April to 15 July 2018.