VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: From the cloud to the crops: transforming the future of farming

Video Transcript

Clear skies for Jane’s Weather with the help of Summer Tech LIVE

Vision: View of crops being grown on farm.

Jane Bunn, Meteorologist and Founder Jane’s Weather

Jane’s Weather provides customised weather forecasts and insights to help Aussie farmers manage their resources and boost their output. Now that is all about taking your on-farm input, everything that’s happening here, and letting us apply our forecast directly to that, so it is super specific for what you’re doing and the accuracy is out of this world.

Vision: View of Jane and John walking through crops.

John Said, CEO & Founder Fresh Select

The site here at Werribee South is approximately 500 acres of production and we grow broccoli, we grow cauliflower, lettuce, cabbages, all the vegetables that are super good for you. The idea of Jane’s Weather is to be able to be really specific to this region, so we can make decisions right down to the day we plant.

Vision: View of crops.

Text: The Victorian Government’s Summer Tech LIVE program matches tertiary ICT students and graduates with Victorian businesses to solve tech challenges and kick-start careers.

John Said

The SummerTech LIVE program has helped us a lot, because the better that that information comes as we migrate towards machine learning and artificial intelligence, is going to make the accuracy of information even better.

Vision: View of Jane and John looking at phone app.

Jane Bunn

We had two great students that came from the University of Melbourne and RMIT, they came together across the summer.

Vision: View of graph and other data.

Jane Bunn

And, the best thing was we were able to say we have this idea and we’d like you to use your smarts, everything that you’ve learned at university, and apply that to a real-world setting. And what they managed to do over, I think it was about 10 weeks, was they showed that we could get our accuracy up by, like, ten-fold. So it was a great start for where we’re heading now in terms of our machine learning and AI.

Vision: View of tractor and planting crops.

Jane Bunn

SummerTech LIVE, I’d highly recommend it because you’ve got these students there, they’re so eager, they want to do the best they can so it’s a win-win either way.

Vision: Close-up view of crops.

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