Flemington’s new community hub and sporting facilities begin to take shape video transcript

Vision: View of open space beneath bridge at Moonee Moonee Chain of Ponds. View of the new community hub building construction site.

So we’re down in Flemington at the new Flemington Community Hub.

It is a really exciting project that we’ve been working on for quite some time.

Samantha Byrne - Mayor, Moonee Valley City Council

Vision: Internal views of building construction.

It’s a joint partnership with the Victorian State Government, and it’s so exciting to actually see some walls up.

Vision: Artist’s impression of completed community hub and playing fields showing internal meeting areas.

So, it’s a two-level building and it is going to be such an important building for the local area.

Vision: Artist’s impression virtual tour of new building.

So, in this two-storey building there’s a lot of different rooms for people to congregate in which is really exciting.

One of the main features is an outdoor garden.

Vision: Plan view of the different areas on the first floor and ground floor of the community hub.

There’s going to be a play space area, maternal child and health area, and also lots of consulting rooms.

There’s a kitchen, a canteen, and obviously the change rooms to service our sporting fields.

Vision: Artist’s impression aerial view of the new community hub, landscaped area and playing fields.

Text: The Flemington Hub and Debneys Park development is a $32.3 million project. It will provide modern, welcoming facilities for Flemington’s diverse, multigenerational community.

Vision: Internal and external views of building construction site.

Samantha Byrne - Mayor, Moonee Valley City Council

This is a really exciting facility for the community.

We had a really old and dilapidated community hub, and a woeful change room for servicing our sporting fields, so to be able to incorporate them both into an amazing facility like this is really exciting.

Vision: Artist’s impression view of completed community hub and playing fields.

I can’t wait until people can actually come and use this facility.

It will be so well-used and just to see everyone from across Moonee Valley and beyond, to be able to come in, enjoy some local sporting grounds and courts, to be able to sit upstairs, read a book, be really casual, it’ll just be fantastic just to see it activated.

Vision: External view of building framework and playing fields. Artist’s impression view of completed community hub.

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