Flavorite A juicy cut above the rest video transcript

Flavorite expands in Hume region Video Transcript

[Jon Murphy, Head Grower, Flavorite Tatura]

Flavorite established in the early nineties.

The pioneers of glasshouse produced fruit and vegetable in Australia.

This greenhouse specifically will create 60 full-time jobs to help manage, grow, pick and pack all the produce we produce.

Going forward, for Tatura, we plan on building another six hectares down the back here and also a packing shed.

The packing shed will fit out with state of the art technology to be able to pack a lot of different products.

These products will come from all of our growing sites that we can pack there.

We make this great produce. It's really rewarding when we see it on consumers’ tables and we get the feedback of what great tasting product we do.

All of that money going into the local communities is just promoting jobs and growth.

Just this farm, will probably be looking at about 400 to 500 staff working here.

Really good opportunities. Tatura is recognised worldwide for our production, our quality.

That excites us.