Video transcript: Modern Art Blockbuster: Museum of Modern Art at NGV

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If you love contemporary art you are in for a real treat this winter.

On show right now in Melbourne at the National Gallery of Victoria is a new exhibition of over 200 works from New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Dali, they’re all part of this amazing line-up.

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Glenn Lowry - Director MoMA

I walked in yesterday looking at the exhibition and I thought oh my God how did we lend these works of art, they’re so incredible.

It really began with a conversation between art curators, and curators here in Melbourne.

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And together we have forged an exhibition that in a way tells a story of modern art through our collection in New York.

Tony Ellwood - Director NGV

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There are many household names in this exhibition.

You’ve got Warhol behind me, but you’ve also got works by Picasso; works by Cezanne.

But you’re also then are introduced to a whole range of new artists that were really important in the New York art world and in the global art world, but sometimes were missed by Australian collecting.

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So we’re going to see artists from, you know, South America and Africa that we may not have been experiencing before.

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So this is a show that’s got great recognition and then great discovery power as well.

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We want to show here in Melbourne with our colleagues, works of art that have been defining in the history of modern art, but to put them in a new and interesting context.

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This exhibition represents an incredible opportunity for our community.

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I’m just absolutely thrilled to be able to present works of this calibre and in this depth here for our Winter Masterpiece Series.

[Vision: Georgina Jerums speaking]

New York’s Museum of Modern Art is without a doubt one of the most prestigious galleries in the world, so this is definitely an experience not to be missed, and it will save you an airfare to New York.

The exhibition runs until the 7th of October, so make sure you check it out.

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